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Normally, I’d call foul in response to the resolution of this conflict.After the fog infects Sam and LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE ASIDE FROM DEAN, we are taken to a very frightening place.When Metatron implores God to write a better autobiography, he invokes Brian Wilson’s (now disowned) book, Wouldn’t It Be Nice, while urging him to write Life instead.During much of the show, whenever Metatron and Chuck are talking, there’s no backing music, at least until Chuck climbs up on stage to sing “Fare Thee Well.” (AND THEREBY BREAKING MY HEART.) Why music, though?October 19, 2017#We Advocate: Charities on the Hill ............................................................................ This season has been perhaps the most wildly inconsistent season of Supernatural.

Like Chuck states in this episode, I think there are few examples more compelling or meaningful in humanity’s existence that represent who we are. How often has music been the lifeline for the dispossessed and the oppressed and the forgotten and the unloved?I complain about it a lot whenever the Star Trek writers rely on it, but Thompson hits the button in order to develop Chuck.When the fog is defeated and the infection removed and the dead resurrected, it is not merely a simple way to eliminate the stakes. Chuck There’s a metaphor employed throughout “Don’t Call Me Shurley” that I want to touch on here.But it’s in this exploration that something deeply serious unfolds.Much credit must be given to Thompson, who finds a way to have this episode address the canon absence of God in the story and the absence of God in our own world, all without feeling sanctimonious and preachy.

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