Bitdefender not updating virus

If you're not careful, your computer can end up with a nasty virus that makes your files act oddly, crashes your computer, pops up bizarre messages, or worst of all, destroys your operating system.

In either case, you have to actually launch the infected program or the trojan horse for it to infiltrate your system.Though hoax e-mails, like the one about the "Good Times" virus try to make you believe otherwise, neither a virus nor a trojan horse program can do anything if you simply leave the malevolent file sitting on your hard drive.Finding out that you copied a trojan horse onto your computer is remarkably easy.More than 60% of respondents indicated their plans to terminate business relationships with a company that lost the data they entrusted to them.In 2004, rootkits were a relatively obscure form of Trojans meant to infect Unix computers.

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Unfortunately, 'keeping it current' means updating it weekly, at least but most products today allow one to automate this process, but file downloads can be large and slow.

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