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Will stringently defends his friend, until he makes the connection that Baxter has made a deal with the detention center to receive money from all those boys he sends there.

He confronts Baxter and tells him he is going to jail.

This results in further financial difficulties for Diane and Will. When Diane is approached by the Chief Justice to become a Judge and Will is the one person she tells, he celebrates the possibility of being the sole owner of their law firm if she leaves.

However, Diane and Will are also shown to be each other's confidantes in Season 1.

In the new September issue of Elle UK, Stewart gushed, "Right now I'm just really in love with my girlfriend.When Diane accuses him of favoring Alicia over Cary, he decides that he doesn't want to to have to fire any of the litigators.When he approaches Diane with this idea, he tells her that their fellow partner Jonas Stern costs them about as much as all of the other lawyers combined.Will is shown to be a sports fan, often playing basketball with his friends or simply tossing a baseball around in his office.When the firm suffers financial troubles, a major sacrifice Will makes is to give up his season tickets for the games.

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She is the co-author of two books, God I Need to Hear a Word From You and Eighty Scripture Lessons On Your Journey To Wellness and Success.

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