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The up and coming paper with all the graphs will be released in about six weeks.

His speech created waves at the IUGG conference, and word is spreading.A book will be released later this year: Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate. 5 we see that the yearly-average CO2 increase at Mauna Loa ends up being anywhere from 0% of the human source, to 130%.“Could the Ocean, Rather Than Mankind, Be the Reason? It seems to me that this is proof that natural net flux imbalances are at least as big as the human source. the human source represents only 3% (or less) the size of the natural fluxes in and out of the surface.In other words, temperature controls CO2 levels on a yearly time-scale, and according to Salby, man-made emissions have little effect.The climate models assume that most of the rise in CO2 (from 280 ppmv in1780 to 392 ppmv today) was due to industrialization and fossil fuel use.

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