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The adopter will also receive a copy of a pet adoption booklet which answers common questions about pet care.Following the adoption, RSPCA Victoria is also able to provide over-the-phone support if the new owners have a question or concern.For example, an animal that prefers a quiet, mature household may not be well-suited to a home with young children.

But as long as everyone is on board, a companion animal can be a wonderful addition to a household.

RSPCA vets will be happy to provide further information and advice.

Please note that we may be unable to accommodate pet introductions during extreme weather due to the additional stress this can place on the animals.

If you want to adopt a guinea pig and already have one at home, it will be very important that you bring your guinea pig along when you visit us so we can make sure they get along with each other.

To ensure the introduction of your new pet is likely to be successful, we recommend getting your existing pet desexed.

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