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As teens rocked to the music they liked wear that let them move more freely.

Baggier pants for teen boys, and full skirts for teen girls become popular. Clothing Styles it was the beginning of a transition in style--- from the height of formality evidenced in the 40's, to an ever-increasing informality in styles that were present by the late fifties.

Although the Bust and hips size were mostly larger in the 1950's; it was the waist size that was most important to be small.

My other brothers hair dressing of choice was Fitch rose brilliantine hair oil. Some other popular dressings of the times: Lucky Tiger hair oil (rose preferred), Vam hair oil, Vitalis, Pomade and Butch wax.The hair styles and clothing trends of the 1950s and early 1960s are shown.Many photos are of the real teens that dragged 10th street of the town of American Graffiti.After rock and roll: Side burns and longer hair (see my webpages)fifties hairand fifties hairstyle In general for a list of 1950's fashion, clothing, hair( see my following webpage: List .When rock and roll became popular, some clothing for teens became looser.

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