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The name referred to that of the first flower appearing in spring as a symbol of awakening of the slumbering nature. RSUH Institute for Continuing Education took part in the International Forum “Continuing education at universities” The event took place May 23. Shunikov, the representative of RSUH, presented the Forum with programs implemented at the University. RSUH students interned in France RSUH students participated in Art Design Center program authored by Dr. Gribenchikova, the head of RSUH office in France from May 1 to May 14. Russian and Polish historians-archive studies specialists discussed joined academic research The conference “Russia and Poland. Pivovar “Russian-Azerbaijanian relations (the end of the 20th – the beginning of the 21st century)” presented at RSUH The event took place April 16, on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The global role of Russian researchers The round table “The Russian historians in the world liberal arts research of the 20th century”, timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the decoding of the Mayan writing system, was held April 6. Global trends of modern universities’ development discussed at RSUH A lecture on the subject was delivered by Dr. It specifically touched upon the reform of educational institutions according to the socio-political state of the country. RSUH Readings in Humanities-2012 The Readings opened on April 2, with many academics and specialists from various countries convening and discussing the integration of academic knowledge into society as well as the means to organize interdisciplinary research. The Project “Book Wednesday” started at RSUH RSUH PR Office launched a video project that allows authors, translators, literary critics to come to “Centaurus” bookstore and talk about must-read books. “Business and Society” at RSUH The conference “How to inform the society on corporate and social responsibility” took place March 21, organized by the magazine “Business and society” with the support of RSUH. Leading Russian and foreign universities were represented, including RSUH. RSUH at the International Educational Exposition “AULA-2012” The Exposition took place February 22-26 in the building “Feria de Madrid” (Madrid, Spain), with RSUH participating as part of the panel of the best universities of Russia. RSUH Participated in the Exhibition Access Master Tour in Moscow and Access MBA One-to-One Tour The exhibition took place February 25, organized by the independent agency in education “Advent Group” that united over 100 best universities, colleges and business schools all over the world. Charity Baking Fair Held at RSUH The Fair, organized by the charity foundation “Krylya”, the baking page at (COOKIT! ” and the milk bar “Shakers”, with the participation of Art-Design RSUH Center, was held February 14, with the support of Student Affairs Department and RSUH PR Office. Anniversary of Mayan Language Decoding The 60th anniversary of the event took place February 13. A Lecture by Patrick Seriot at Meletinsky Institute of Research in Humanities The open lecture was delivered February 8 on the border in linguistic notions between the Slavophiles and Eurasians. RSUH Stand Was Among the Most Popular at Paris Linguistic Salon “Expolang” The event was held February 1-4. Marking the 100th birthday anniversary Organized by the Museum Center of RSUH, the exhibition was opened in Maly Vystavochny Zal on Sept 3. Issyk-Kul Summer School International Russian-Kazakh summer school of sociology took place on the shores of lake Issyk-Kul, on the grounds of Al-Farabi University summer camp July 15-25, 2009. Koichiro Matsuuro, Director-General of UNESCO, Received a Ph. Pivovar, on his election as a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences from the Committee chairman of the State Duma on Education, Gregory A. Pivovar according to his election as a corresponding member of the RAS by the collective of the RSUH more... Tishkov, has been elected as an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Director of N. Miklukho-Maklai Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, director of the research Center for social anthropology of the RSUH, Valeriy A. The Day of the 9th of May has added in the history of our nation at all time. We bow our heads before those who in the name of freedom, in the name of living now and coming generations heroically fought at the fronts and worked on the home rear. International Conference "Common spaces between Russia and the EU: towards a strategic partnership? International theoretical and methodological conference "The values of society and the values of intellectuals" On the 7th of April the VII international theoretical and methodological conference on problems of intellectuals was held in the Russian State University for the Humanities. Presentation of materials «Certificate in Business English (BEC)» On the 23d of March the presentation of the materials of the international qualification exam «Certificate in Business English (BEC)» took place in the Russian State University for the Humanities. The Director of the Institute Eleasar Moiseevich Meletinskiy, leading researchers, academicians Michail Leonovich Gasparov and Vladimir Nicolaevich Toporov have passed away.

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ISeven days after the cessation of controls, on 27 June, a couple were reported to have landed from a submarine, with a rubber boat, near the town of Stroeder, south of Buenos Aires, where there was an important colony that was settled by On 18 July 1945, in the Patagonian Gulf of San Matas, the torpedo boat 'Mendoza' -of the Argentine navy- sighted a submarine periscope in front of an area known as El Fuerte, which is located south of Las After the attack, oil stains appeared, although it is not known whether they were the result of having hit the target or the result of a classic trick, to throw lubricants and other elements to the surface, i After the "patrol of the coasts" had been lifted, submarine sightings were observed in the Buenos Aires localities of Copetonas, Claromec and Necochea, on July 23, 24 and 29, respectively, according to the Argentine naval period documentation.

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